Saturday, April 28, 2007

Seoul Airport and Korean Airlines

The new Seoul airport is pleasantly glass and windows with an open two-story plan with plenty of shops on the ground level. There's also a free Korean cultural activity area. Internet is $3/hour - and they sell wireless access. However, if you're a transit passenger then go to the second level. (They have free internet, and a TV lounge.)

The ground level has a crowded and busy (think the old Bangkok domestic departure noodle shop busy) noodle place with lots of Korean dishes for $10USD. I tried the Japanese seafood Udon upstairs and was disappointed that it looked good - but didn't have the right taste. They didn't even have any shoyu!

I don't like the transit experience. You get off the plane - and then walk around this huge hall until you figure out that you have to line up on the right for transit flights (immigration counters are way over on your left). And even though there's always two lines with the same two kids getting your bags to x-ray - it's always backed up.

I've been through this airport three times while flying Korean Airlines. It's a great airline with a huge group of petite, very pretty flight stewards, in their green uniforms (w/2-3 old guys). The service is good and the meals are tastey Korean. On overnight flights, economy gets a little satchel with goodies inside. (Business class gets a larger packet along with some slippers.)

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Please accept my compliments to you on your English fluency. How long have you been speaking the language? You are quite good.

Something you may want to know: an adverb (like "pleasantly") is used to modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Your post begins, "The new Seoul airport is pleasantly glass and windows..." It is unclear to your readers what the adverb "pleasantly" is meant to modify.

English is a difficult language. I admire your achievement.
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