Friday, April 28, 2006

Kuala Lumpur: Isetan's 8th Year Anniversary Sale

Being in a city with lots of ethnic Chinese - of course Isetan will make a big to-do about their 8th Anniversary. A lot of prices were RM8.

I didn't realize they only have two Isetans in Malaysia. Tonight I stumbled into both. I was looking for the bathroom at Isetan in Lot 10 -- which they don't have. Then I went to get some food at Isetan in KLCC - it was packed even close to closing time because it was a member's only pre-sale. They made us enter at one level only and were checking cards - one person per card. But still it was jammed inside.

People were paying RM20 for a two-year membership card to get weekday discounts in the grocery store, free two hour parking with a RM100 purchase and pre-view of their sales days. You can also rack up points - but that's never worked for me.

I like the fact that they're open DAILY 10am-9.30pm and have sushi and cooked Japanese food at 50% after 8.30pm. Of course they have lots of freshly made tofu.

You can click here for their 8th Anniversary Sale flyer:

And pictures of their two stores in Malaysia:

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