Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Leaving Malaysia

Departing Kuala Lumpur by BUS
Bus is convenient to Singapore. Trying to avoid the mad crowds and heat of the main Puduraya Bus Station, try booking one of the executive buses to Singapore.

Aeroliner Buses are from Germany/Sweden
They depart from near KLCC at Corus Hotel or at the Menara Axis, PJ.
Tel : (603) 6258 8800, OPEN Mon-Sat 0800-1800 (Closed SUN & Public Holidays) Can pay in-person or online. Clean, some are double-deckers and pleasant.

Departing Kuala Lumpur by AIR
Taxi drivers love going to the airport!! You can go direct by public taxi from central KL for RM 65. (A taxi van will cost you more.) Should leave your hotel around 2-2.5 hours before your flight: 45 minutes to an hour to get to the airport, plus 1.5 hours for check-in, allowing your bags to get to the plane and immigration. Departure tax is scheduled to go up but is already included in the price of the ticket.

KLIA Ekspress Train
But the easiest route is to take a taxi or the LRT to KL Sentral. Then take the KLIA Ekspress @ RM 35 departing every 15 minutes. The entrance is hidden - at the street level and inside a corner. Takes 28 minutes. Try to sit near the front of the train so that when you arrive you can be one of the first off. For some reason, there's always a jam trying to get out of the gates into the airport. You can get a trolley and take it on the escalators.

Departure - Immigration
Your next floor is arrivals. Then you walk down the arrival hall to the next set of escalators going up to departures. AirAsia check-in terminals are on your left. Always lock your bags, have an intinerary in your outside pocket, ID your bags.

After check-in, go down the middle of the hall - you'll see a drop-off ledge with escalators going down. Show your passport n ticket to security and wind your way down. If you're flying business/first class or you're a diplomat, you can head off to your left for the carpeted Executive Line. Otherwise, head off to your right and find a fast-moving clerk. Don't be shy about finding the head guy walking around if your clerk ends up talking on his handphone or something - report them. It makes life go faster for all of us.

Airport Shopping
Once inside, you walk down the hall and to your right if you're flying AirAsia. Otherwise, take the tram to Terminal A for other international departures. As you get off, find Body Shop on your left (airport shop is 5% cheaper than in town); Burger King will be on your right (across the hall and upstairs); Starbucks is to your left and upstairs. The bookstore on your left is convenient. Hotels and lounges are on the second level.

Departing Kuala Lumpur by TRAIN
This is a bad way to go as it's not only far but inconvenient. One year we went by train to Thailand in November and got caught up in a 3-day flood which covered the tracks and had us sleeping in the train car. We then thought it was safe and went to a hotel in Had Yai - only to wake up to streets that had been turned into rivers - escape was finally made by swimming through the guck to the train tracks and sogging it through to the nearest road - past dead animals. See my Singapore post if you want to leave by train going southward.

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