Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Tourist: Chow Kit Wet Market

Chow Kit is Kuala Lumpur's version of San Francisco's South-of-Market mixed in with the Tenderloin. It's filled with older buildings of the city center which have been inundated with short-time hotels, wholesale shops and markets. I dropped off my luggage to be repaired and visited the large wet market to see the fruits. Picked up some very tasty Thai black-gold mangos RM5 for 2 kilos (about seven mangos). Pakistani oranges were for sale as was a lot more. There was even a large kiosk with used clothing. Normally open from 9am till 5pm - but a lot of stalls are still open in the evening. Also known as Bazaar Baru Chow Kit.

I did see one interesting shop in an orange building close to the Monorail stop which had imported Chinese ceramics. Quite reasonable - RM10 for those cultural revolution figurines, RM60 for large pots and RM180 for huge vases. (Open 10:00am-7:00pm).

TIPS: If you tell people you're going to Chow Kit - you might get some strange looks. It has a reputation as being a seedy, dangerous, dirty area. It is - but if you go in the daytime and are aware of everyone around you - and blend in - then it should be fine. There are a lot of interesting low-rent stores and you can walk southward to other districts like Little India.
Map from Malaxi:

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