Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ford Dealership in Kuala Lumpur

Just east of the aptly named Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) - there are a lot of auto dealers - Volvo, Land Rover, Proton, Jaguar (Vista Damai Condo), second hand lots (one of which has a rather large number of used Mercedes Benzes) - and now a new Ford dealership.

Here's a picture of the new Ford place - it's a bit of a work-in-progress. They have a guardhouse on the left and a large lot in front. The contractors have left a bunch of dirt on the sidewalk. And then there are drainage holes which makes the water make it muddy.

There's a June 1981 New York Times article that says Ford will retain a 51 percent share of Ford Malaysia, its Malaysian unit, with the remaining 49 percent being held by Pernas Sime Darby, a holding company owned jointly by Pernas, a Government conglomerate, and Sime Darby, the largest multinational company in Southeast Asia.

Sime Darby also owns PNB Darby Park, Auto Bavaria, Land Rover, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo rights in Malaysia.

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