Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New AirAsia Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) Terminal (LCCT) at KLIA (KUL) Kuala Lumpur International Airport

I'm not an optimist that the new Terminal Building for AirAsia is a good thing. AirAsia is already quite often delayed and now people will have to find this new Terminal Building which is close enough to KLIA (KUL) as to be far from the city center yet far enough from the current airport (20km) to make it very inconvenient. It opened March 23, 2006. Click on this map to see it larger.

from KL Sentral (KLS) there is a new RM 9 Skybus departing every half hour from the KLS lower ground floor bus station (facing the open air car park/Jalan Tun Sambanthan). [Malaysia has confusing definitions of floors - I think they mean street level outside in the back on the way to the monorail. The same level that the KLIA Ekspress/Transit and LRT arrive has a McDonalds. Go in the opposite direction of McDonalds. At this end, you'll see a mini-McDonald's ice cream stand - go outside to your left and down the elevator w/your bags. You'll be outside facing a parking lot, Genting Bus, Monorail (in the distance.)] It takes from 1 hour to 1.5 hours by bus (runs from 3.30am-7.30pm). [Return from LCCT to KLS first bus at 7.15am-24.30am.] More info: KL Sentral English-speaking information desk at 60-03-2279-8699 (Open 5.30am-1.30am).

Or from KL Sentral (KLS) using the RM 4.70 KTM Komuter train you exit at the Nilai Station and board the feeder bus from the station to LCC Terminal.

Or from KL Sentral (KLS) RM 12.50 KLIA Transit train exit at the Salak Tinggi Station to connect to public buses.

Oh, from KL Sentral (KLS) the KLIA Ekspress doesn't stop at Nilai Station so you'll have to take the RM 35 train to KLIA (KUL) then find the RM 1.50 (15-20 minute) connecting bus at the ground floor (basement) platform #8. Departs KLIA's Main Terminal Building (MTB) from 5.30am-24.10am. [Returns LCCT-MTB 5.55am-24.35am.]

March 8, 2006 - 15 companies were given licenses to run 360 taxis at the airport with pre-paid pricing. Any normal public taxi can drop-off. The cost including toll will be RM 59.90 budget taxis, RM 92 for one of the twenty-five premium taxis and RM 138 for one of the 25 seven-seater taxis. They will not be allowed to charge extra after 11pm.

Domestic arrivals has three baggage carousels. International arrivals has two baggage carousels and twelve immigration counters each for departure/arrival.

Maybe this is Malaysia Airlines way to get back more business? Imagine having to arrive at KLIA (KUL) and then figuring out where the RM 1.50 bus to the other Terminal 20 kms is located!! It opened 3 days before Singapore's Budget Terminal and come in at S$1 million less.

It's the Low Cost Carriers Terminal (LCCT) because inside will be low-budget meaning no air conditioned airport tunnels from the terminal to the plane. Sounds like we'll be walking on the tarmac. Even with 35,290 square meters, they won't have escalators or moving sidewalks. I hope they don't scrimp on the air conditioning.

I'm dreading my pre-bought AirAsia tickets.

You could try the Malaysian Tourist Center for more information at 60-03-2164-3929 (Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm).

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