Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Camera Repair - Kodak Repair Service Malaysia Is No Good

I haven't had as much luck with camera repairs as with my stereo or bags. I had to wait a few weeks for my Kodak to come back from the shop. I only got my camera back because I called a few times asking for it to be fixed soon - I didn't want to wait a month! Unfortunately, it's still broken - RM35 didn't fix it. They said fixed but it's not - I don't see any use in taking it back and trying to get them to fix it again. If Kodak cared, they would've actually powered it up and tried to take a few pics before returning it to me as "fixed". When taking a picture, the zoom will go back and forth. Only sometimes will it take a picture. Other times it will close back up.

My Canon PowerShot 450 also just had the battery compartment lid break. The battery is too heavy for it! I guess I could go back to my heavy but quite good Pentax 105-R with it's 38-105 zoom lens. But it's not digital and won't be too much help in posting pics to Sublimingtravel.

  • Does anyone know how to fix this to make the picture show on Planet Malaysia?

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