Thursday, April 27, 2006

City Square: Food Court

My colleagues rave about the dining choices at City Square food court. I guess I've never been there at lunchtime, so I went. Okay, lah - they have a large assortment. But I find the food court to be gloomy in its dungeon-like expanse.

Fish Head Curry, Thai Corner (food was tasteless), Japanese Teppanyaki (always 50% off), Just Soups (Malay coconut curry soups), Vegetarian, and so forth. I have to admit that I like the slightly expensive Soya drink chain, the reasonably priced (but slow) nan place and the OTOP shop. There's also a Toys R Us and a Guardian.

I like the nan bread shop the best. Got some to go -- plain nan, garlic nan, butter nan with the side dipping soup - RM 5.50. The large Thai OTOP shop is very famous amongst locals and expats for their interesting wares and above-board massage place in the back. Many expat women enjoy the massage.

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