Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Tourist: Chinatown

We were in front of McDonald's near Lot 10 - and jumped on the new RM 2 off in the jam around Masjid Jemak and found our way through a bunch of Indian places to Chinatown. It's THURS - and the sellers didn't have their stalls up in the middle of the street - so it was easy to get around.

In the middle of the main shopping street - Jalan Petaling - went left at the cross-roads down the short side-street past the plastic tables covered with red linen tablecloths (real toursists here) to find some Portuguese spicy fish wrapped up in aluminum foil and BBQ'd over the grill. Didn't see any of those stalls tonight, so instead we ordered RM10 BBQ'd pork to take out and farther down the street - at one of those stands with the plastic boxes - got RM5 of curry chicken n potatoes.

Walked back down the side-street opposite the cross-roads and thru the flower market and fruit stands - bought a kilo of large bananas for RM3.50 - and walked through the dark to Pasar Seni LRT station. That one old guy was there again sitting in front of the escalators. The trains were really crowded even at night - and made it home to fry up some chicken that had been marinating overnight. Relaxing - especially since we missed the rain. Hope your day was interesting and good.

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