Monday, May 22, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is a relaxing, quiet restaurant with a good view and large portions of salads, pasta and pizza. They have some outdoor tables on the balcony or can sit inside the air conditioning. Last time I was there - they were re-modeling the bathrooms - otherwise, it's nice to have these than go to the small n crowded ones in the mall.

For someone reason, it's always hard to get the waiter's attention once you have your food. So if you want a drink, desert or the check - you really have to get up and go grab someone. The spicy Thai pasta is good as are the salads.

Don't know if they still have the CPK Member's Card - but you used to get discounts with it in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong. California Pizza Kitchen, Suria-KLCC Mall: Tel: 603-2382-0802

PhotoCrazy has a few pics - choose it from the blog list on the bottom right. I've also added the menu on the right - under Malaysian Links.

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