Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Washington D.C. - Ben's Chili House

This was a huge disappointment!! I've wanted to try this place after seeing it featured on TV shows and reading about it in guidebooks. It's over-priced and resting on its history.

I went out-of-my-way to take the Green Line to the U-Street Corridor. It cost $13 for a small shake/regular chili dog/polish chili dog with potato chips. Not very tasty at all. Yes, the service was friendly and fast. Yes, there's history in the 1911 former silent-movie building - and the business has been running since the late 1950s...but it's still too expensive for what you get.

I was surprised at the regulars who were ordering up a bunch of calories at these inflated prices. It was an interesting walk to nearby Dupont Circle Metro Stop going south on 14th Street...a tiny thrift shop and a couple Pawn Shops. Yes, they were selling Rolex watches and TVs.

See Wikipedia:'s_Chili_Bowl

Go back to the suburbs jackass...this place is a landmark not only for the food but for the stories that go with Ben's Chili BOWL.

Do you know that it is one of the only buildings on U Street that did not burn in the 68 riots? Did you know that Bill Cosby proposed to his wife there?

Glad you hated it because it will leave it for the folks who actually LIVE in DC and not douchebag tourists!
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